Machfirat Hasanova

Being brave and willing to learn pays off

Delicious bread is Machfirat Hasanova's passion. She has been running her own bakery business for over 20 years. She learned the art of baking from her father. Her customers love her masterpieces.

She had wanted to expand her business for a long time. But investments cost money. The fear of taking out a loan kept her from realising her dream.

Machfirat learned about the entrepreneurial literacy seminars offered by the Adult Education Center in B. Gaffurov in cooperation with German Sparkassenstiftung. Bravely she decided to register. The seminar helped her learn how to calculate and control her income and expenses, and strategically plan the development of her business.

Now she has enough money to save for herself and her family. The financial stability gives her security and allowed her to expand the business. She bought more flour and materials to meet the increasing demand from her customers.

Today, Machfirat Hasanova stands not only for her delicious bread, but also for her courage to change and success through learning.

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