Marhabo Solieva

I have turned my hobby into my business

Marhabo Solieva loves beautiful clothes. Two years ago, she felt it was time to try something new. She decided to turn her passion into a business.

At the Adult Education Center in B. Gaffurov, she not only improved her handicraft skills and learned new sewing techniques. She also acquired the business knowledge and skills to start her own business. The open atmosphere in the seminar also encouraged her to take the step.

Marhabo's clothes are her own designs and tailor-made

Marhabo learned to understand the needs of her customers, to plan income and to calculate costs carefully. This helped her to keep her prices competitive and generate profit.

Today Marhabo is a successful entrepreneur. Her tailor-made dresses are in such high demand that she has been able to hire three employees.

Marhabo's daughter also works in her tailor shop

Careful bookkeeping and business planning allow her to put money aside. In this way, she also fulfills her long-cherished wishes – especially traveling with her family. She gathers new strength and inspiration during her travels.

German Sparkassenstiftung supports the seminars on entrepreneurial literacy and thus helps people like Marhabo Solieva to develop their potential.

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