Qumri Sattorova

It is important to understand how a loan works and then use it wisely

Whoever enters the yard of the Sattorova family hears buzzing everywhere. Daughter Qumri continues the family business as a beekeeper. She has learned a lot from her father, but also has her own ideas about how she wants to run the business in the future.

A bee colony yields about 25 kg honey per year. To meet the increasing demand, Qumri wants to buy more colonies.

At the Adult Education Center in B. Gaffurov, Qumri attended the training on entrepreneurial literacy, which is offered jointly with German Sparkassenstiftung. Here she learned how to invest her profit wisely and which financial products are best suited for this process. Taking out a loan is worthwhile if the repayment is well planned from the beginning. It was important for Qumri to understand the systematics.

The new hives produce good honey, the new materials make Qumri's work easier, so that she can pay back the investment loan as planned and build up reserves.

The increased income even allowed them to buy a car for the family.

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