Training of the trainers in Tajikistan

In the framework of the Rural Development Project, the ToT for the upcoming financial and entrepreneurial literacy trainers took place from 13th-24th June 2021. It was attended by 16 employees of the Agency for Labour and Employment and the Centre for Adult Education in the cities of Bokhtar, Gissar, Kulyab and B. Gafurov and 4 employees of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In the seminar, the participants were divided into two groups: financial and entrepreneurial literacy. This allowed each group to familiarize themselves with the teaching materials and content that would later be relevant to them.

The training included:

- Teaching methods and the development of trainer skills
- Basics of entrepreneurship, business start-up and financial reporting.
- Basics of financial literacy, money, banks and banking products
- Business Games: Savings Game (for financial literacy), Micro Business Game (for entrepreneurial literacy)

At the end of the seminar, all participants received a certificate.

Pilot seminars for the rural population are planned starting from September 2021. For the trainers, this is a practical test in which they will be intensively supported. The partner banks plan to offer a special loyalty programme to participants in the education programmes. It includes special product benefits. In this way, the banks address the population with the message: "Knowing your finances pays off."

Within the scope of the education programmes, German Sparkassenstiftung cooperates with the National Bank of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan.


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